Monday, December 29, 2008

A non-triumphant return

to the blogosphere.


I've been busy. Wait, that's a lie (and trust me, that line usually is).

So about thanksgiving-ish I found out my parents have been reading this thing (and the livejournal before that, and the xanga before that)- which means I've had lots on my plate. Writing knowing they are reading changes the dynamic. But I don't want it to.
I guess now I've officially come out. Genderqueer + here, FTW.

Let me give you a brief update so we can return to our regularly scheduled programming!

-My hair is now delirium colored. like this:

-My best friend cat came to visit for the holidays.

-I grew a rather sizeable crush on a girl who likes cutting and pasting and films and cuddling and dirty texting.
-I am having an existential crisis about life/love/the pursuit of happiness/NYC/no direction home/ being lost/being found/motivation/size/weight/art & the lack thereof/etc
-I am tentatively thinking of becoming a sex therapist/counselor
-Found myself obsessed with the Metric "Grow up and Blow Away" album
-Took pictures like this:

-Took a whirlwind 24 hour trip to Iowa at 4 am with friends. Didn't make it to Iowa (snowstorm) but did get to have an eternal sunshine-esque moment at lake eerie.
-Tried eggnog

Happy merry everything. Here's to us all.