Thursday, October 29, 2009

MFA Degree Vs. Fantasy

Some may argue that's just the same:
an MFA in poetry is a fantasy degree made of legitimizing an art form so that with lots of money and school you are a "Master"- but you can't teach talent. (PS. MFA is a terminal degree, there's no PHD in creative writing)

It's true. But regardless, that isn't my dilemma.
Going to an MFA program is probably the most solid option I've got for a "future".

I'd have to get a pretty substantial scholarship to afford this socially approved institution- the odds of getting into well-funded program are, well... it's more difficult than Harvard Law.

Worst of all,
My super-secret dream goal that's not so secret and maybe not a dream
is to rent a storefront, live in it (*ahem* nap in it), and create a community art space.

when I hear my smart friends talk about genetics and the body
or my business friends talk about their $26 dollar an hour internships
(with free transportation)
And I'm burping in front of a film camera for petty cash
while working on penny-stipends at non-profits

I wonder if maybe I shoulda done something practical with my life.
Do you ever think that way?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's No Oregon Trail

But here are some pictures from the journey west:

Chicago, IL [Photo by A. Fries]

Iowa City, Iowa

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Highway 80, Iowa

John Wayne's Birthplace, Iowa

Earlham, Iowa

Grand Junction, Colorado
Grand Junction, Colorado

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

(Bridges of) Madison County, Iowa

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I recently (joined with my partner in crime) started a candida cleanse which means no:
1. sugar
2.starchy veggies
3.hydrogenated oils
4.yeast (so no bread, carbs, etc)
5. perservaties
6. and more

This means I've taken to cooking lots of fresh meals like:
1. fried eggplant w/ almond flour + kale chips
2. chicken fajita, sans taco
3. quinoa with lentil and salad (homemade dressing)
4. Kabob (coming soon)

In this mindset, I volunteered time for fresh veggie juice at the farmer's market.
Lo and behold, I found myself cleaning cilantro for an hour.

In Iran, women would always spend hours cleaning herbs when they came back from shopping.
My grandma still does.

I always watched, fascinated and confused by this process, this woman's work, this task I snubbed my nose at.

And here I am, seeking a life where I do it daily.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Birthday Suit

Happy Birthday to me from San Fransicko!

Sorry for the lack of Iowa/San Fran updates. I'm running around trying to get a home/job/life started here.

More later!