Friday, September 30, 2011

"All the words you say at the end of the day"

Dark Dark Dark- Say the word

I can never forget the ceviche.
Every time I juice a lime, there's you in my kitchen that day.
Table set, meal prepared, tequila cocktail at the ready-
all that love squeezed into all that raw pink.

Me, work-weary & you, like silver, just polished.
Serving shine. I smiled so wide
a circus set up shop on my chin 
and used my lips for trapeze.

A hologram of the nothing that once was something.

Fresh citrus sting from fingertip to heart-folder: open memory. 

I am switching to the bottled kind to practice kitchen safety.
I do not wish to squeeze.

Dark Dark Dark- Bright Bright Bright

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fine Art Film Sneak Peek "Somewhere Elsewhere"

Here you go: the first peek at my first still from my first short film series.

A day of firsts. First thing in the morning.

(styling, directing, shoot, makeup, all of it- by yrs truly.)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

State of Dreams: North Carolina

Hello world.

I have arrived Elsewhere after being all over this pretty north carolina. 

I'll be spending the next month making art, pushing boundaries, exploring, learning, dreaming, coming true.

I'm heading in. Cover for me.