Friday, May 29, 2009

Birthday Party

First we suprised the birthday girl with a long lost best friend and a decadent chocolate cake.

Then we got fancy and went to Amy Fries's Senior photo show. We drank too much wine and ate cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off and some of us wore dresses.

The rest of us wore buttons and drooled over the models. There was an awkward bathroom more-than-makeout session and lots of overly excited parents. Kind of like a wedding.

Amy's roommate wore the cutest outfit and carried around a dragon pillow as an accessory.

I put makeup and one of amy's designs on an unsuspecting model and made a picture that looks like someone who matters took it.

The End.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Philthadelphia: OUT and about

Considering it's only a 2 hour/12 dollar chinabus ride away, it seems odd that more of us fancy shmancy new yorkers don't skip out of town to Philly more often. 

I have been in LOVE with philly since my first south street cheesesteak on the way to TLA to see Regina Spektor. 

In the city of brotherly love you can bike from west to east on the same bike trail. You can stay in a queer house full of activists and  cook breakfast made solely of backyard chicken coop eggs and farmer's market finds.  You can walk around big houses that cost very little full of people you'd like to talk to. 

You can  stop by america's 1st penitentary (started by the quakers to help people repent) and take a tour about  great escapes.  You can visit the crazy mosaics in south philly or pick up vintage photos in the bottom of a random used book shop.

You can learn about MUM and drink cheap draft beer from a spout that looks like a pencil. You can make out on every street corner and drool over stripper shoes. 

You can buy fresh juice from the stands  and drink mugs of mixed drinks at the bikestop. 

You can run quickly, very quickly, out of the trolley and onto your bus and all the way back to the gritty city in the same time it takes to make a round trip to coney island. 

Friday, May 8, 2009

digital age

I've been using pens, needles, thread, wrenches, film, salt, pepper, paper.

In this digital age we forget we cannot eat and breathe our fantasies. That sometimes, this mess of hardwires and harddrives and softwares is nothing more than a virtual filing system.

My computer crashed and everything ceases to exist. But the things I wrote on my typewriter still look dandy.

And all the facebook comments in the world can't beat staying up late with mischief and southern music, getting boozy with the dandies, and kissing faces.

Soon I'll post photos.

Photos of love and cherry blossoms, travels and tricks.

As soon as I get my scanner back to working.

Meanwhile, enjoy this:

from the green bike photobooth at 3rd ward.
I had bike-power made, scotch-spiked, ginger lemonade and ambled about listening to music and staring at bushwick folk.

Oh! and I almost forgot.
I'm dancing at objectify sunday night. Tara (3rd earth designs) is showing her awesome outfits, and dj shakey will keep us movin'.

check it out:

Guest Producer /// Sam Black
Main Gallery DJs /// DJ Shakey /// Greything
DJs in The Rubber Room /// Xris SMack! /// DJ Stalagmike
Interactive Electronic Music by /// Treasure Chest
a partner project of Loud Objects
Live printing by Peripheral Media Projects
Bring your own clothing or buy a blank tee.
$5 per print! Designed to inspire!
Fashion Presentations by /// The Baroness /// Third Earth Designs
Go-Go Illusionists /// Sequinette /// Machine Sex /// Najy Glitteratti
Visual Video Stimulation by /// Jez
Greeting you at the door /// Mistress Crimson
Devious Equipment /// Master Virage
And celebrate EditrixAbby’s Birthday!
ISO Cake Wrangler!
Pertinent Details:
The Delancey /// 168 Delancey (Clinton & Attorney) /// MAP
Doors at 9pm - PartYcipate til 4am
$20 for the Uninformed /// $10 for the Fabulous
FREE for Artists who bring 2D/3D art, offer a performance or otherwise partYcipate!
Dress: Explorers, Inventors & Scientists–All Centuries, Pharmaceutical Phashion & Capsule Couture, Mommy Homages, Expectant Mothers, Adult Babies, Embryos, OB/GYN/Delivery Room Drag, All Interpretations of Birth Control. Make. An. Effort.

Friday, May 1, 2009

AuH20: Recycled Clothing

I modeled for AuH20
(my good friend Kate's store in the east village)
and here's the video!

Eco-friendly and cute?
It's all the rage...