Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Albany Bulb

The magic of this city is partially in leaving it.
Taking a train to a girl with a car-
and traveling to a shoreline with concrete graffiti beaches & salty air.

You are so far from the urban yet encased in the radical.
You sit on a log & let the sun discover freckles on your face.
You drink gluten-free beer and dream of shanty towns.

Watch the fog roll in and hide all the bridges back to your home.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Check out #1 from my series, entitled NIKE:

I'm not the best at linocut (carving is HARD.) and I'm not the best artist ever, but I'm super into the non-gendered ass & commanding people in overtly sexual ways.

Gatorade & McDonalds still to come! Yay!


Monday, April 5, 2010

"And emptiness still leaves a space"

I am single and all my life is turning topsy-turvy. In response, I have taken many long walks, spent too much time on facebook, made-out, listened to Au Revoir Simone + Kim Boekbinder + Rue Manouche + The Bodice Rippers, and bought a $1 zine at Modern Times.

The brilliant blathering author of said zine had one highly quotable quote:

"I write because sometimes I really want to cry and the tears won't come out and writing may or may not change that but it is a hell of a lot more interesting than sitting on my bed staring at the ceiling."

[Patrick Dundon]