Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Love is a place

walls of skin and letters. Sighs as adhesive, carpeted by tangled clothes.

Dear you,
I am a new resident.
Please send a welcoming committee.

what is the fiber of life? latex is a slick second skin, bruises as self-expression. you should know this about me by now. write me something good. spin the straw of living into the gold of story.
there are so many lifetimes that have only been lived.

there is not enough space (but there is breathing room in the silences)

she fucked me and I bled. fingers sticky and brown and my insides BURNED. I want to fuck you. to get in uncomfortably close uncomfortably wet.

recording is a thankless job. Join the ranks of the hunched over the armies of the weak eyes and swollen fingers: the starter log to the bonfire of your vanities.

push your shoulders back and stand up straight or better yet, let me. let me take your arms and move them up, slip your pants down and kiss history lessons from your collerbone to your... space. to the space.
let me in to the space your space my space give me space I need space.

to be consumed by the living or the lives of others.

I want a solo show for the art of my being.
Dear sir, please represent me at the contract signing, do you mind mister business?
Dear art handler, here are the instructions on curation and presentation:
give everyone a camera on the way in, place random naked people in odd positins throughout the room. keep the tea and cupcakes stocked. have photos of me collage a wall, just one. on the others collage my writing, photos, random jewlery. one wall of just mirrors. vintage dresses, boas, and glitter all over the floor. I will do the finishing touches myself- writing anthems in lipstick on the wall. also, there will be a massive set of bean chairs resembling tits and penises. some days we can leave out fake drugs and fake money, or half eaten food.

I am going to make lots of money.
this is the place of my spaces.
I am selling my self to the highest bidder. we will have tequila at the opening. men will come from afar and buy it all.

I want you in my bed. maybe that too, is just a performance.

Dear you,
how much is a ticket? front row?
I want to stake out prime real estate in your love.

Thank You,

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