Sunday, October 25, 2009


I recently (joined with my partner in crime) started a candida cleanse which means no:
1. sugar
2.starchy veggies
3.hydrogenated oils
4.yeast (so no bread, carbs, etc)
5. perservaties
6. and more

This means I've taken to cooking lots of fresh meals like:
1. fried eggplant w/ almond flour + kale chips
2. chicken fajita, sans taco
3. quinoa with lentil and salad (homemade dressing)
4. Kabob (coming soon)

In this mindset, I volunteered time for fresh veggie juice at the farmer's market.
Lo and behold, I found myself cleaning cilantro for an hour.

In Iran, women would always spend hours cleaning herbs when they came back from shopping.
My grandma still does.

I always watched, fascinated and confused by this process, this woman's work, this task I snubbed my nose at.

And here I am, seeking a life where I do it daily.


Cari373 said...

=) Well, at least your trying something new. I tred to go veg for a week and failed miserably. I am too much of a carnivore. Your grandma cooks? WOAH! Mine just takes us out to McDonald's. lol. ;)

Najva Sol said...

Yea, my grandma is persian to the bone, and cooks tons of delectable treats. Raised to be a housewife, what can ya do?

Eh, I went veg for a month but craved protien =)
Right now, It's easy because I'm eating meat.