Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A kiss about apple pie a la mode

A truth: I really want my life to be a movie, an epic story, an album.

It's not that I have some crazy ego, it's just that media is in someways a deeper connection than reality. If there's no magic or chaos, I'm not interested.

And some days, you have to say: a real life is not enough.
You have to buy a book called " A Great and Terrible Beauty." You have to bake a chicken pot pie and draw hearts on the steamy windows. You have you kiss your person too many times while they wait to a shower. You have to make muffins with those old bananas so perfect butter aches to melt on 'em. You make a zine with your two best friends. You dream of a city you used to live in that moved as fast as you run when you miss the bus. You feel softer, slower, sweeter, and you cozy with green tea and a stray cat. You make organic juices for soon-to-be mothers with rosy cheeks. You dream up the end of the week-long monsoon.

You have to come home. Have to write about it. Have to make it more than just the motions you go through.

I was born into reality, a rawness. I will bake myself into enchantment. I know just the recipe.


Anonymous said...

awesome, can i live with you? :)

Space Station Mir said...

I pretend my life is The Never Ending Story.

Alex said...
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