Monday, October 4, 2010


Photo is a portrait of Noemi Castro, who took part in my Secret Pen Pal Project- Results & more info coming soon!

I hand bind books about glitter
and talk fancy about the super powers of parsely.
I make to do lists
about the to do lists
I should make
and daydream about being
a poet rockstar.

Can you imagine PTV?
Poetry Television with a hot nerd babe host
who quotes lyrics and the romantics
in one sweet breath?

We would count the top ten of the week.
Voters could vote via cellphones--

the tech-savvy age of poetry.

Everyone will gossip about the poets
they want to bang the most
and the poets will be followed by paparazzi.
Poet x drinks 7 cups of coffee!
Poet z had sex with 3 people!
Poet r never left her house this week!

Quotes from the readings will be printed on posters
hawked so far and wide that men with faux leather jackets
will sell black-market versions on Canal Street.

Poems will be played over the speakers at starbucks.
People will buy tickets to poets weeks in advance.

Poets get paid while living.
Nobody ever lacks for the right words to say.


Space Station Mir said...

amen. I'm editor of a literary magazine now and always looking for new ways to experience poetry.

Jordan Karnes said...

love this, lady bird.