Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Need You! Kickstarter launched for "Let Bloom" EP

Taken from my website:

Natti Vogel, my college friend & fantastic composer, and I launched a kickstarter site today to make an exquisite EP.

The songs are fun to listen to but lyrically & technically heavy. It will feature art by the dreamy illustrator Molly Crabapple (who has worked with Neil Gaiman & the Dresden Dolls) & a re-mix by notorious dance/balkan/gypsy DJ Joro Boro (who has spun with Bassnectar & Balkan Beat Box). Our goal is to get $3,000 in 33 days.

Natti & I first started working together 5 years ago, and we are finally asking for your support. Anything would be lovely, really, even a dollar.

There’s tons of fun perks- including a poem or a song written just for you! We already have 11 (oh look! Now it's 14!) backers, and we are super jazzed to have such sweet community.

If you wanted a fancy & important way to get involved with emerging artists, please check out our kickstarter now!

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