Friday, September 30, 2011

"All the words you say at the end of the day"

Dark Dark Dark- Say the word

I can never forget the ceviche.
Every time I juice a lime, there's you in my kitchen that day.
Table set, meal prepared, tequila cocktail at the ready-
all that love squeezed into all that raw pink.

Me, work-weary & you, like silver, just polished.
Serving shine. I smiled so wide
a circus set up shop on my chin 
and used my lips for trapeze.

A hologram of the nothing that once was something.

Fresh citrus sting from fingertip to heart-folder: open memory. 

I am switching to the bottled kind to practice kitchen safety.
I do not wish to squeeze.

Dark Dark Dark- Bright Bright Bright


Anonymous said...

lovely :)
I liked it alot

Lowbrow Society said...

Thanks for taking a moment to comment =)