Thursday, September 25, 2008

Addiction prevention and the job search disaster

My first real gig with a cover! In the coolest venue ever. The peach tarts are some of the hottest burlesque girls. Come support!

I am on a challenge. I took a friend up on it: I have to drink 2 acoholic drinks every day for two weeks. no more no less. 

I was discussing the possibility of addiction and this is his test. It's easy to not drink, but it's hard to cut yourself off. If you can manage, then you're ok. I'm not sure I agree with his logic, but I'm game to try it. The bet will be over the night before I turn 21.

Job searching is consuming. 
it's as though nothing exists- passion, health, the need for curtains on my wall- until my finances are stable. The economy means I'm competeing with people who have masters just to get a fucking sales job at a bookstore. unreal.

Fall has started. The season of soft sweaters, soup, fireplaces, hot chocolate, radiohead mornings, and those all post waking cuddle sessions because getting out of bed into the cold air is such a drag.

Spent the night at a gay bar where I was the anti-thesis to pretention. unhooked a girls bra with a slick hand and hooked a boy with a cane, vaudeville style. went back to lick open baggies and makeout with numb tounges. found a body in the darkness, a mouth found my body, my body found a shudder. all fell silent.

I've been biking lately. doing yoga. trying to stay fit. I feel like a dweeb because I always wear a helmet and stop at red lights. 

the camera on my new macbook is causing some vices to popup. too many pictures of things. and videochatting! I just leave it on and it's like my friends all over are suddenly in my bedroom. the future of interaction. creepily close to a virtual existance.

here's some pictures of my new vice. please excuse my vanity and enjoy the tits.

PS. a boy sent me a postcard from portland. how amazing. I havent gotten a postcard in ages. I feel so rad, I might just melt a little inside. He remembered my address AND picked a postcard that was relevant. lots of points.

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jet said...

portland why that is where i live. do i know this boy? i miss you