Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Carey: My adorable partner-in-crime looking dashing as she casually leans back and drapes her calf over a bycicle *cough*
Ray's been hopping trains all over the country for ages. 
Carey gave her a bowl cut. I thought she was cute.
Ruby Ruby Rose was not only a great band, but the lead singer also fucked a random volunteer from the crowd with a strap-on.
Magpie draws sweet comics for earthfirst and is the glitteriest, gothest, sweetest anarchist I've ever met.
Tom writes beautiful things and was the first person to officially hit on both me AND carey.
This rope drew blood.
Willow is stunning. They shaved their hair just that day and went from 70's gayboy to 2009 babe. Willow was the one who suggested smoking pot out of a day lily.
This is a ghost. I bet you can't guess who.
Jesus was tied up and kept yelling for a blowjob and a cocktail.
Sully and Israel were two of the first people I met. Sully has hawk feathers on his glasses, and scary amounts of energy. Israel likes to talk about sex work and adventure.
This girl wore rad threads and could do flips. Aren't there rules about being too awesome? There should be.
Think 70's softcore gay porn. Love the sleaze.
Devin was wearing a 25 cent wedding dress the night I met him. About 50 fags and Fag-ettes went roller skating at a nearby rink for his birthday and possibly gave the locals quite a shock.
Little Bunny Kai Kai just left the army in May and re-outed himself. He used to be married to a woman. Now he's wondering around the back of freight trains somewhere. His memory is amazing, he can remember every word to any song he's heard more than three times.
Bea and Piper giving a safe sex fisting demo. Piper was literally one of the most jovial people I've ever met, and has a rack that dreams are made of.
Melissa looks like a girl from another era about to hit the town. We gardened together and not only is she an absolute doll, she isn't afraid to wear a neon mumu. 
The end. (Israel's end to be exact. It was his greatest Ass-et.)


Bunny said...

Your so amazing Najy. Love your work!!!!! see you soon?

Najy said...

depends! where are you now, bunny?

saffo said...

omg i miss ida soooooooo much