Tuesday, June 24, 2008


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Is New York in German.

I arrived just in time for fete de la musiq, a europe-wide festival celebrating free public music. Jo and I met up with some new school friends in a Park to watch a punk band called the Donots.

For the first time ever, I took pictures of a show instead of dancing the whole time. And I loved it. Trying to keep a camera safe in a mosh pit is no easy task.

There are so many paralells here. Walking around in Kruezburg, where I'm staying is like the village: crust punks, indian food, funky stores, falafel. I even ran into a few hoopers (who know my hula hooping friends in new york), a gay boy who used to live in bed-stuy with friends of a girl I used to date, and some fire spinners.

Just walking down the street is an adventure. It is light out till ten, and the sun comes up at 3 or 4. On a saturday night, everyone is out. I stumbled upon a queer postpunk show by the geffen 3, and drank berliner beer with hip looking strangers.

I ended up going out to a club called Panorama- on gay night. They almost didn't let us in because we weren't muscly men... but where else is there to go at 3AM?

Me + repetitive techno+ uppers+ sweaty gay men hitting on me + tired+ feeling sick=

me lonely and miserable at 6 AM crying by the hostel bathroom trying to puke.

The next morning was better.
Berlin wall, Flea Market, cheap brunch.

Then I went to a gay and lesbian awareness party in their equvalent to dupot circle, west village. Drank a glass of rose gaywine, met and took pictures of a few draq kings+ burlesque dancers, danced with a bunch of queer turkish women to arabic music. This was the first time queer culture and middle eastern culture have ever intersected for me.

the only other think to note is tacheles.
an art collective of the highest order, bars and galleries and studios.
Something similar to what I want to make.
Something similar to where I want to live.

I spend hours meandering and talking to artists.

I am more determined than ever to be an artist as a life calling.
Every time I see someone following thier passion, I know that they are my role models.
(more on this later...)

I have to catch a train to prague now. fuck.

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