Friday, June 27, 2008


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Allright. I'm an hour away from a train to Munich. So obviously, now is the time to type up about prague.

First morning I went to the castle (duh). But on the way Jo and I got distracted... by a TOY MUSEUM with a whole floor dedicated to barbie. I actually teared up at one point.

Random Fact: My common App essay was on barbie.

The castle was brilliant. The basilica was brilliant. Everything is old and humbling. New york will seem oddly modern after all this.

That night Jo realized she was running low on money. Our hostel lets you stay free if you perform, so I impromptou art-directed a burlesque act for her and she shook her moneymaker for her stay.

All glittered and pumped with adrenaline, we rushed out to meet prague nighltife- and were greeted with empty streets. Prague clubs are mostly underground (literally) and nobody has to go outside to smoke cigs.

Finally, we ran into a club playing drum and bass, but nobody was dancing. Un-deterred we socialized with the skater locals and drank shots of absinthe that had us giggling till 4 AM.

Absinthe is my new favorite drink, kids.

The next morning we did an easy breezy lunch at globe cafe, playing scrabble and soaking in the 2 dollar pilsner.

The night was unforgettable.
I went to cross club, a gadget- techy art club with a few dance floors, cafe, 2 bars. I saw The Prague Ska Conspiracy, getting free pins and beer from the trombone player and finally connecting to my first exposure to counter culture in prague. Jo left, and I was hell-bent on dancing more...

The downstairs turned into a jungle DJ and after the ska there was a Dub DJ. In New York, if I want to dance to jungle and see a Ska show I'd be running all over town with groups of people who probably never interact. This club has a mix of every subculture. Score.

Talked to some squat kid for a while, and thought it my time to amble home. The metro and trams stop running at 12, but there are nightrains. I just couldn't quite figure them out. I ask the first guys I hear speak english for help.

One thing leads to another and I end up in a paid cab ride to Bukowski bar down the street from my hostel with an expat who bought me a few drinks. Who was he? Only the owner of the hippst internet/cafe chain in prague: Bohemia Bagel.


Stumbled home and passed out.

Today (finally! backlog is done!)

Jo and I went to the communist museum, the aforementioned bohemia bagel where I ended up on a cute texan girl's fashion blog, and a park.

The grassy patch we picked might as well have had a label saying "Prague Official Napground." Our last destination was Tingl Tangl club, a drag queen cabaret which had a intermission dance party.

A few awkward run-ins with street drunks later, here I am. Putting pants on and getting ready for another train ride.

I'm sore. I want a shower. I need to do laundry. I think I've spent too much money. I need to figure out fuckin RAW files that are screwing with my upload process. My phone is dying.

I am alive though. And belly-full of stories.

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