Wednesday, June 18, 2008

London Calling

It's been two days.

Its 4:30 AM here in Amsterdam, and I should be in bed but instead I'm typing to you on a keyboard with the letters worn off.

The flight out was delayed due to rain (thank you, JFK).

Watched the full monty. Made it to London.

The first thing to know about London is that the tube is the best. Beats DC. NY. San Fran.

Cushioned seats, quick times, and constant updates.

The second thing to know about London is that in Hyde Park is the most perfect Rose Garden.

I wish I could upload my pictures right now to show you, but I can't. Later. I Promise.

Camden Market was a massive St. Marks.

I took another picture for my attraction project.

Ate chicken, feta, and spinach sausages and mash.

Bought a small earring that looks like a key.

Discussed Hip-Hop and Hardcore with a stall owner.

Gave advice about Brooklyn to a guyanese rasta man.

In London, everyone isn't running around with thier IPOD all the time.

Took a huge overnight ferry to rotterdam, then a train to Amsterdam.

Had coffee and a perfect hash joint.

Took a tour of the Red Light District.

Finally learned the difference between Sativa and Indica.

Walked through a Marijuana garden.

Bought legal shrooms. Shroom tea. Cocoa Leaf candy.

Went out to club paradise, in a converted church.

Got Lost stoned (3 times).

Amsterdam is beautiful.

Every building, down to the micky d's is quaint.

The mall is practically a palace.

I am constantly crossing bridges. Moonlit bridges covered in bikes.

Let me tell you about late night ramblings:

I get followed by a truck, find myslef in an extention of the red light district.

Propositioned. Smirked at by the girls behind the glass.

They are 50 euro for 15 minutes.

I'm exhausted, but I miss you.

More will come. This was just my first attempt.


Anonymous said...

sounds perfect.

Najy said...

pretty much

lenora said...

I'm glad to hear you're keeping up your attractions project; it'll be interesting to see how your European crushes compare.

Najy said...

I only have two more additions to the project, but yes! It's fun.
Just wait, next blog I make.