Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am sorry. Because my life has been blogworthy and yet, I've neglected to write anything.

I am eating candy floss and chocolate dipped chile rubbed mango, sending out emails to artists for an art show I'm curating NOV 6th. I bartended tonight and came up with a drink called a white gummybear. Gin/vanilla stoli/peach schnapps/sprite/ginger ale.

I've been reading nice books and eating vegan curry and sweet potato chili while writing application essays in my friends studio. I did my first burlesque show, to "toucha toucha touch me" from the rocky horror picture show. I broke it off with a girl I was seeing. I remembered to stay all grown up when I just want to be young and immature.

Freelancing means eternal job searching. It's brilliant and exhausting.

My birthday went smoothly except for an incident with a girl on mushrooms with inappropriate ideas who wanted the one thing we couldn't do: to be casual.
Friday was a riot, as was saturday. and sunday.

Tonight I went to a poetry reading that is inspiring a whole why I hate poetry rant. Watch out.

I have to be a fancy model in 3 hours. I need rest. I love you, recorded world.

I promise not to neglect you again.

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