Friday, October 3, 2008

4 random things

1. why did it take me this long to discover that my two biggest celebrity crushes (katherine moenning and Ian somerholder) were not only in a TV show together (Young Americans) but they were also involved on screen?

2. My friend dennis, who is now biking along the south coast of spain, advised me to take a mediation retreat. I signed up for one in january, and if all goes well- I will spend ten days not speaking, writing, dancing, or eating meat. sounds terrifying, which is why I have to do it.

3. my little brother had sex for the first time. he's 16 and for the past few months he's been asking my friends (and me) for advice (a sense of humor was the most popular response). anywhoo, it seemed he was a little quick on the draw but with trusty advice from sex-positive big sis (the only person he asked, aww) he figured out the jumpstart and stayed in the game for the long run and the (mutually) satisfying blastoff.

3. I cooked my first persian dish today. One of my favorites- apple and plum stew over rice. Grandma helped. It was totally delicious. we had a birthday dinner complete with cash money birthday presents, sweet white wine, vintage dress, and questions about how long till I get married.

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