Thursday, October 16, 2008

Secrets for the day

my lotion has a mild self tanner in it.

Teaching Tae Kwon Do to little kids is more satisfying than reading a book, sometimes.

I like people who remind me of me, and that's vain. and I don't mind.

digging my heel into your chest makes me hot.

I am always afraid of liking you too much. the you in this equation changes often.

The shocker isn't shocking, it's pleasant.

I have no idea how to set up a gallery show, but I'm doing my tip-top best.

My parents think I don't love them enough because I don't call back. I just keep shitty hours. But I feel bad for calling so few and far between.

I think my brother is the better child.


lenora jayne said...

haha, I'm the "better child" in my family, but better is a very, very relative term.

Najy said...

hahahaha my bro is robably going to MIT.

he wins.