Monday, October 6, 2008

Old Things. Pretty Things. Bike stealing. Spray Painting.

So a few days ago my bike was stolen from next to me by some guy in a series of unfortunate events. Turns out he biked it home drunkenly and called someone the next morning (and word got back to me) that he woke up in queens curled next to a bike- and had no idea where it came from.

Fingers crossed and all that jazz, my baby bike  is coming home.

Learning to bartend, learning how to pretend to make a long island ice tea. Learning how to spill things on yourself and smell like a sewer.

Watched the two hardcore straight edge adorable boys from work tag up a building last night. Met a friend of a friend, sonia- who told me about go-go dancing in Madrid and Barcelona, studying photo, and her 5 jobs.

Dude, I'm 21 in 3 days. 


Nadia Chaudhury said...

hey there.

nice blog you've got here too. lovely pictures. and happy almost-21st birthday!!

Alain-Christian said...

Good shit; keep it goin'.

Anhughes said...

That's awesome that you are getting your bike back!
And happy almost-21st birthday from me as well.

Najy said...

Thanks Nadia and Alain!

It's a maybe about the bike. maybe.

afreeeze said...

dude, it's soña, not sonia.
option+n+n = ñ

Najy said...

Thanks. Now I know for future reference.

Mr. Norwood said...

This is dope

Mr. Norwood said...
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