Saturday, November 15, 2008


I'm busy.
You're busy. We love being busy, we hate being busy.
I can schedule you in next week, next month, tomorrow between 4:30 and 6.

Some people are busy because they can't decide what they want and try to do everything. Others are over dedicated to one subject. some are working 5 jobs to pay off taxes they never put aside. some use it to forget. some use it to distract themselves from themselves. some are THIS close to getting their dreams, if they just work harder.

I'm busy.
And I love looking at my schedule seeing the number of dollars I'm making each day. each week. Seeing all my winter/spring jetsetting plans. I love using every minute of every day. I love writing (hermit) in my schedule and x-ing the whole day out for coffee and anime movies and ice cream.

I loathe working 7 days a week. I loathe knowing what I'm doing IN ADVANCE for 2 weeks. Spontaneity= foreign language.

Thursday, for example.
I woke up, ran errands. dressed. went to a photoshoot in the basement of Lit. Met up with a friend for drinks and dinner with a whole face of glitter. went glitzy and drunken to yoga. went home, changed, hopped over to bushwick. danced to the wildstyle 25th anniversary party lineup. made more plans.

rinse, repeat.

friday, staten island for a gig with my friend cherry. then over to her friends house, a dominatrix who she has class with. then rush back, dinner, gogo, crew breakfast.
home at 8 am.

These are examples of a schedule without breathing room.

I am trying to live as many lives as possible. I recognize the importance of balance (today my day was lazy, but that was scheduled too).

here are future plans, the big ones:

Philly next week
home for thanksgiving
home for the holidays
New Years somewhere special (TBA)
10 day silent retreat in boston mid january
skiing in colorado early feb
Winter Music Conference miami late march
New orleans/houston mid-april

Summer...San Francisco? Barcelona? Istanbul? Morocco?

Ah, world.

Things I need:
a book that inspires me NOT to put it down (I miss my reading addiction)
to not eat ice cream and drink coffee with too much sugar in it

I am not that interesting.
but I try.

Now I'm off to host a party. sell jello shots and pass out toy money. bring in friends.
do what I love doing,
showing others a goddamn good time.

shower time.


Irina Sarnetskaya said...

Let's run into each other on the street, while on our way to the same place...

Najy said...

isn't that the way the story goes?