Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thing I Jock

I wrote this for the last meanred productions newsletter (remember them? they throw Korrupt) and just wanted to share!

Words we like to hear: Underground. Hip Hop. Brooklyn. Geek...? If you haven't noticed yet, Hip hop is being taken over by the nerds. Following in the (rather massive) footsteps of J. Dilla- is Cloud, the new kid on the MPC block. Instead of chains, he's got glasses. Instead of a video full of oiled-up girls,its just him sitting in his BK apartment making brilliant beats out of golden oldies- and rocking out. Gives a whole new meaning to playing with yourself…

The track in this video has been stuck in our heads all week. Somtimes though LIVE fancy computer fiddling is even cooler than You Tube- so we're stopping by Glasslands Dec. 1st to check his set. As long as he does the nerdy glasses adjustment every few beats, we're sold.
Jock #3 brought to you by Najy

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Anonymous said...

Recyling J.Dilla!
But hes nice tho i give him that