Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween. Art Show. Criminal.

I got my first real ticket today for letting a friend in with me through the subway turnstile.
I also got my first photos ever REALLY printed today for an art show. MY art show hosted by the group my friend and I started: The Lowbrow Society for the Arts...

halloween was beautiful glittery chaos. things like 9 am brunch and yoga sessions before bed and glitter gangs slashing faces with silver.

I cried when obama won.


Hillary said...

I cried when he won, too. One of the best moments in American History.

By the way, I enjoy the green tongue and utter sexiness of these photos of you.

Najy said...

yes, i'm now proud to be an american.

Aw thanks dollface. *wink* made the faces just for you.

Anonymous said...

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