Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Open mic. Facebook. Douglas Adams. Creepy.

I read THIS poem tonight and didn't vomit all over bar 13.
In fact, I may go do workshops with them.

But I woke up knowing I was going to read, and had that pit in my stomach all day.
I was hyperventilating when my eyebrows were being threaded, shaky making sandwiches and drinking coffee, knocked over a table and shattered three glasses while drinking wine.

I did read "The Restaurant at the end of the Universe" by Douglas Adams all morning. ignored my phone, made myself granola and yogurt, and read the whole goddamn thing cover to cover.

Fave part? When the cow offers himself up as dinner.

Incidentally, all this was possible because the girl I stayed with last night had to be at work by 9. Which meant I was home by 8:45. It's been a while since I saw the sun. You tend to forget, when you become nocturnal, how much happier life could be if you just managed to sit outside while the sunshine is doing it's full-on-rays. Vitamins, do your thing.

Ok, before I go any further let it be known- I AM A CREEP.
Pretty much, I have fabulous research skills that I utilize in stalking my person of the moment- be it someone from my past- or some hopeful future liason.
Facebook, myspace, google, twitter- these are all guilty pleasures.
It's like movies and stories, but with people you peripherally know. Reality TV streaming live out of my laptop.

So- to add to that, today I made my first fake facebook profile. It started as a joke in a bar. But I was succesfully able to make a profile claiming to be another existing person, upload various pictures, do minimal research... it's too easy. Unsettlingly easy. Granted, I have interaction limits due to my small amount of knowledge- but imagine if I knew them better.

Or imagine if I didn't know them at all.
A perfect stranger could make a site pretending to be me, and it's entirely possible.


I have three jobs tomorrow ( 12:30 photoshoot, 4:00 Artists model, 10:00 Go Go @ Snapshot)
I best get to sleeping.


Anonymous said...

i wish you would of told me would have loved to c u read- A.

R-Funk said...

Restaurant at the End of the Universe was always my favourite of those books. If you like Douglas Adams, you should check out the book the Long Sandy Hair of Neftoon Zamora. A totally underrated read.

Everyone's a creep. I stalk the crap out of people.

Irina Sarnetskaya said...

My fragile ego is comforted that other people stalk too. heh heh heh.

Someone told me once that she stopped writing Facebook statuses because she would think about them while not at the computer. I thought it was really funny until I caught myself debating over what to write as my status...on the train.

I am going to write a hand written letter to cure myself.

Najy said...

A- thanks. let me get a bit better at it first?

Ruby Tuesday- I will, as soon as I'm done with the D. Adams trip. It's on the list.

Irina- I know EXACTLY what you mean <3