Saturday, November 8, 2008


And I'm not talking about the president.

The SMUT! art party was FIERCE. I mean, we made it by a hair.
The gogo girl called in sick an hour before, there was a bushwick trash can scavenger hunt for some art work, and I showed up about 30 minutes late.

But we packed out the bar. over capacity and everyone beautiful and talented. the music was dope, the pictures scandalous, the last minute (sent by an angel) replacement gogo was hot, and I was mostly running around like a 5th grader snorting pixie sticks.

Watch for it. The Lowbrow Society for the Arts is here to stay.
We have a vision:

non-pretentious art in odd settings. chelsea is sterile. lets have fun around art. lets set a mood. lets make friends. art is for the masses. for the people. there is no reason you should be able to spend 2 hours gallery hopping and not see one goddamn good piece of work. Lenora and I literally stand behind each and every piece in the show.

the lollipops, cookies, nudity, gummyporn, electro music, drink specials, squishy boob-balls, late night makeout sessions? That's what makes you stay. But the focus is the pieces. that's the draw.

and now that we have a good reputation, we might make it a monthly. more on that soon...

Also, I sold my first photo:

In the meanwhile, my room is still a mess. I have a slight whooping cough. I'm not healthy enough. I don't eat enough raw vegetables. I think too many processed sugary foods make me sick. I really like kissing this one girl, but I like that I can kiss everyone and still kiss her too. I feel like I made something real, and I'm proud of myself. I don't have a real job. I have three gogo gigs and two (non-paid) hosting gigs in the next 2 weeks. I'm modeling for a spread. I want to use the artist for the next party we do.

I can't seem to sleep on time or enough, ever. I just want to stop, sometimes. If I ramble on my blog, is it lame? Sometimes I dream up burlesque shows with candle wax and fake blood.

Now if I could only feel enough emotions in my icebox heart to make art again, I'd be dandy. Am I thawing? The last girl I was falling in love with was a mess. I'm so tired of messes.

And it's not even about a boy or a girl, it's about the world. Slap my sissy face, but I used to be elliot smith's dream girl: "I'm in love with the world through the eyes of a girl..." lame. but it's about time to clean my act up. starting with my room.

Sunday, I'm becoming a hermit.


brigitte said...

that picture is amazing!! depending on your next show concept, do you think i could be involved? i'm so proud of you, naj!

Najy said...

Darling, lenora and I made a wishlist of fantastic artists and you're on it. The next show will also be SMUT themed. Take your camera. Get risky. Send me samples.

I want to see something smutty, and then we can talk...

R-Funk said...

I remember that photo... I always said it was my favourite out of the bunch.

Irina Sarnetskaya said...

Omigawsh, it's gorgeous. I wonder how much you sold it for, because I want to know the financial worth you put on things you love (regarding your next blog)


I want to be in your next show. It's time to suck a banana and to put some salad dressing on the cucumber.

Najy said...

Ruby, it was my favorite too! and now it's in someone's living room.

And Irina, sounds good. But promise to make it next time. and $50, because I don't really believe in overpriced art.

Irina Sarnetskaya said...

Wow, that's it? Right on, I under priced my first two shows as well.

Overpriced is subjective. It depends on worth and affordability, I think.

Yes, I want to make it next time. Maybe I'll film a movie right then and there as part of a performance.