Thursday, July 10, 2008

Apples to Apples

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boys and girls, I have the strongest urge to stay here:

Drinking 40ś under monuments, smoking joints topless on beaches, biking on the boardwalk.

Today I leaned "contact dancing" an improvisational postmodern dance that involves keeping physical contact with another person. Its about movement, touch, body weight... Itś hypnotizing. Liberating.

We are so contrained in western society, taught that touch is inherently sexual. I am often critiqued for being too touchy-feely. Contact dancing is my new favorite thing.

I am eating like a queen here. organic vegetarian delicious.
Fresh cooked chicken and cactus fruit juice.

I am traveling with ada- a queer girl from philly I met on couchsurfing. We have been making art all over the city. Pictures to come.

Barcelona has the second highest pickpocketing rate in the world. Last night, biking down the main strip:
- one boy beat up a girl who tried to steal from him
- two girl brawled and screamed fuck yous
- tranny prostitues blew kisses at me
- drunken tourists went in ambulances
- someone tried to steal my bag
- 15 boys ran after him in my defense

This was all at 3:30 am.
This city is wild.
L O V E.

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