Sunday, July 20, 2008

summer in the city

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I have 15 minutes of online time in the dortmund airport.

Let me tell you where I have been:

After a last night in barcelona full of poi and glittery modeling on hula hoops and singalongs- ada and I decided to go to figueras, the birthplace of dali and the city of teatro museo de dali- the dali museum. The town was dead other that the museum- which was packed full of surrealism and history and inspiration.

We stayed at a cheap hostel at the edge of town, making art and drinking 40 oz. I drew shitty looking clocks on her torso and took pictures.

In the morning I headed to Cassis... but never quite made it. There are lots of fires along the french rivera in the summer because of the woods and the dry heat so I was stuck in Marsielle.

Nervous breakdown number 1: you are stuck in a city where you dont speak the language and have no place to sleep. you cant find internet. its 7 pm.

Finally found a place to stay in one of the TWO youth hostels.

Nervous breakdown number 2: Its bastille day. your in a major port city in france but stuck 40 minutes outside the city and all you wanted was to be on a mountain.

Luckily, I met a sweet girl from Rome and picked up a few more hostel girls from canada, bottles of wine, and food- and caught the last bus into town.

Bastille day is a RIOT. Firecrackers on the street. Fireworks. Drinking everywhere. Smoking joints on the pier. Whiskey and coke. Throwing firecrackers and getting yelled at in french. Meeting cute squat kids from paris. Losing some friends. Gaining some friends. making ten goat cheese, arugula, and tomato sandwiches for everyone. Getting beer free for dancing on the street. Buying cheap vodka. Catching a cab to the beach which is 5 minutes from your hostel. Skinny dipping with people you just met. Kissing mohawked squat boys. Blacking out on the walk home. Stopping to take blurry pictures every 5 minutes. Finding them in the morning. Realizing you brought the squat kid to your hostel. Nursing your hangover at the beach the next morning.

Having some random person on the beach buy you and and all your friends lunch. going back into the city to walk the arabian market. Drinking coconut juice. Eating watermelon on the pier.

Finally getting on the goddamn train to the mountain paradise.

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