Saturday, July 12, 2008

eres para mi

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I am stoned and drunk from the hash and beer the internet cafe guy keeps giving me.

I have been sleeping on nude beaches listening to Thom Yorke and drinking cava brut. I´m addicted to jeugos naturales (fruit juice) and sunshine.

Two nights ago I biked out to a queer party uphill, and on my return at 5 am I crawled all over my bike, no hands, soaring for 20 minutes.

I´ve been learning about south american trips- the kinds in the mind. I´ve heard spanish chanting.

It´s raining. The drops are the size of your hand and face.

I HAVE BAD NEWS: I broke my camera lens. I actually cried about it. Nothing happened, it just ceased to focus. I have bought an overpriced shitty kit lens but I´m bitter about the loss of my pretty baby. Zoom lens <3.

Otherwise i´m grand lovers. Seriously missing you though.
It´s my greatest fear to be forgotten, to be replacable.
To be replaced.

You have no idea my how much I think about you. About home. For the first time I am taking my pleasure into my own hands (literally, for those of you with a dirty mind) and it´s terrifying.

Sometimes I get lonely. Or maybe it´s just the mountain goats song.

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