Monday, July 21, 2008

The Luckiest Girl On the French Rivera

Leaving Cassis was difficult, but it had to be done because I desperately wanted to hit the highway to loveparade.

Hitched a ride to lyon (north) and had a bizzare turn of the luckiest events. To sum it up:

Ended up at the right ticket station in time for the right ticket window lady to take the right amount of pity and ask the right manager about the right full train.
Ran to the right train and talked to the right person next to me who had the right paris metro pass because we were late arriving and I ran to the right metro...

you get the picture?

I made it to dortmund for 40 euros on the nicest train possible, 1st class despite the trains being full, one being late, and having 20 minutes to take two metros from one paris station to the other.

Get picked up by a couchsurfer and the day begins.


1.6 million techno lovers.
pissing on the street. dancing for 12 hours in the rain. modern day woodstock. Paul van dyke. underworld. digitalism. moby. hard bass. glitter glitter glitter. tecktonic dancing. flirting. smiling at all the pill poppers. people falling in the mud. taking pictures while trying to save my camera. smoking with a kid from holland. learning german.

being part of history.

Muscle and bone hurting on the carride back to the kindest couchsurfers house. A hot shower.

I took a plane the next morning to london, where I stayed last night.

Ate carribean food in camden market. Went to an organic store owned by an iranian guy. Exposed breena's sister molly (my lovely host) to smoked almonds and dried figs. Smoked hash overlooking the city.

RAN INTO MARTA my best friend from last summer who moved to SCOTLAND for a year on the street and caught up with her and her boyfriend before they hit barcelona.

Watched the machinist and laundered my muddy shoes. Ate dinner with bunch of international kids at her house. Had mint tea.

I am listing everything for lack of an ability to cram it all in. I leave tomorrow.
I have thank you notes to write. People to kiss and hug. Scholarships to finish.

One day.

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