Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Turn me on with your electric feel.

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I did it.

I danced like I said I would.
Tip some powder up your nose and dance until the world glows.

Arrive drinking sparks and be on the list. Catch a wicked hip hop act and hear a house version of radiohead. Incorporate kicks and acrobatics and seduction in a dance that has the whole room watching. Have a girl follow you into the bathroom, into your pants, but refuse to kiss you. be amused by the boys who can't have you.

Learn that someone very important thinks you did your europe trip right. It's nice to hear.

Stay around, if you can make it, for the absinthe shots. The waterballoon fight, the naked boy pissing everywhere.

Walk home with a girl, drinking fresh orange juice and crawling into recycling bins for impromptu photo shoots.

I did it all.

and after a nap I was up and at it again. Afternoon in Mccarren Park Pool to see MGMT despite the rain. Barefoot despite the hipster mess. Saw so many friends despite the crowds. Ate the best special brownies ever and realized MGMT actually jams out despite their indie rock hit single. remembered why I loved new york despite it all.

After there were more random parties, running into hula hoopers BBQs and bedford L biking girls who are attempting to bring down the system.

Yesterday was more of the same. Cousins and napping in tompkins, walking hand in hand in union square

WHY BE A LESBIAN WHEN THERE ARE SO MANY MEN OUT THERE? (because they are all assholes like you...)
Drinking celebration apple juice when the girl DID bring down the system.

Here's the video she edited. it's all over the news.

The cops being investigated. She worked hard to edit this and I'm so proud of it. You can help by reposting it all over.

I finally made it to the new House of Yes, drank a 40 oz and hauled rubble for an hour while a girl laughed at me doing hard labor in a pretty white dress.

La de da, more bushwick apartments and hookahs and corona 40oz and finally a long awaited sleepover where a girl and I compared our moves to the dance moves on tv.

I think we won. But, I'm a bit biased.

And after she made me tea this morning I made it back here. Packing my things and leaving to MD. A temporary goodbye to the city.

I am leaving again.

Thank you, New York City. I was scared I was going to be forgotten.
But not at all.

I'll be back soon.


Arya said...

Najva joon, I just read your entire blog and I wish i stumbled on it sooner so I could experience all these wonderful things as you wrote them. I think you're amazing for doing this trip and I couldn't have imagined it being done any other way.

I know it's been forever and a day but I thought I'd comment to wish you well and congratulate you on what I think is a great accomplishment.

Najy said...

Arya Joon,

Thanks so much! That's a HIGH compliment. There is still so much adventure left in my life. I hope it's entertaining.

How did you end up stumbling on it?

Arya said...

I saw it in my update feed on facebook, I don't know why I didn't see it pop up earlier.