Sunday, August 10, 2008

Daydreams and Bike Paths

This picture is one (not the best one, just one) from a series my friend stephanie is doing on self inflicted scars.
Girls like her and my friend Amy who designs clothes like this:
are the reason why we are plotting starting an art magazine. Amy and I like to take showers together and draw pictures of layout in the steam.

I spent yesterday giving advice about parents.
Things that took me far too long to learn, about dropping that instinct that says "none of your beeswax" and taking the time to thank your parents for pestering you.that taking 5 extra minutes to explain yourself can not only make the process of leaving the house easier, but in the end, it may gain you support.

Even my patience is sometimes limited as I repeat "this is how she shows you she cares" 100 times in my head to myself as my grandma gives me lectures about getting married to a nice man and having babies.

I rode my bike all over the neighborhood with a neon boy, cursing as night fell and made us blind. drinking pomegranite green tea. Stopping by a girl's house to teach her how, and running after her as she biked away. having the girls mother tell funny stories about accidents and drunken cruises.

all I really ever want to do is coast, hands free, wind in my face, feet on the frame.
it's my favorite thing.
all my friends snowboard, skateboard, ski, rock climb, run, swim, and even play kickball.
But until now I've been biking alone.

Then I dragged my achy muscles to another girls house, where her me and him ( i love pronouns)
sat in a hot tub discussing theories about life and art.

I love girls cooking food for me. I love chocolate chip brownies. I love glasses of red wine. I love sunny mornings. I love coffee runs.

and I love my new backpack.


Irina Sarnetskaya said...

Cycling: another activity on the list of "activities to do with Najy."

Najy said...


Throw it on there.

lenora jayne said...

That backpack is AMAZING. I hope it glows in the dark, too. And if it doesn't, you should paint it so it does.

Najy said...


you're pretty brilliant.
I want it to glow!