Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rainbow Warriors

(not my picture, but my friend. who threw a slamming renegade street party yesterday.)

I am a rainbow warrior. A member of the glitterati. And no longer homeless.

Williamsburg= home in less than three weeks.Living with my cousins- the happiest most high energy people, ever.

listen, I have so much to say about awkward exes and replacement. about dancing in sunsets and glittering faces and smiling till your face hurts. so much about drug cocktails and perfectly lazy saturday afternoons. about dance floor epiphanies and those conversations where you feel, for an instant, you really know someone.

but I have to run right now, left things at my old apartment and need to pick them up. then maybe meet some old friends and see where I end up.

I may be dancing tonight at a lesbian bar.

Oh, life.

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