Friday, August 8, 2008

Nipples and Champagne

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Are not exactly the life I'm leading right now.

It's way more about editing, researching, applying, organizing.

What I sometimes forget is that after you spend a certain amount of time creating, you must then set aside time to make that work available to the public. Finding a forum to make those pieces connect to others.

I can finally sleep, even though vicodin gives me nightmares. I spent yesterday drinking margaritas with my past and having cookie batter chocolate fudge fatty fatty mcfat fat ice cream.

Found old pictures on my memory card. Ate dinner with my dad while he told me about his miracle anger management counseling sessions.
Salmon and Cococnut and Messiah, oh my!

Now I'm home at 6 AM no sleep yet because pretty boys and girls manage pretty conversation.

It's a nice break.

is that when I'm editing photos and poems
I'm really editing old friends, lovers, breakup stories.
I'm fixing the contrast on the freckles of one girl's back
and going through pictures half naked gogo dancing
with my ex-boyfriend.

really, I'm nostalgia. 24 hours a day.

It must be interesting, to be an artist whos work is not too personal. Work that can be shown with no reservations because
HEY there is no girl on your legs in the picture staring back at you
or written references to drugs or insecurities.

Like casual unattached sex. Casual unattached art.

I can do A, but to do B is not my style.
Instead I'll discuss Neil Gaiman books
and giggle over my ex's inability to drink alchohol
without turning tomato.

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