Monday, August 4, 2008


If you don't get the reference immediately, you need to go watch almost famous.
Really, Almost Famous is way better than my blog.

One of the greatest compliments I've ever gotten was from a girl I barely knew, whom I hadn't spoken to in years. She stopped me on the street and said:

"OMG naj. I just saw Almost Famous for the first time yesterday and I kept thinking how you were just like Penny Lane."

That's not the point. The point is that people who get the quotes, those are my favorite hippie chicks. OH and I'm on lots and lots of post-surgery drugs.

I'm listening Yael Naim, Animal Collective, and DJ Shadow. 
I'm plotting dinner. Capoiera classes. A free show in the park tonight.
 I'm uploading film photography that makes me want to learn color printing. 

I have sent too many text messages to New York City and received none in return. 

The nitty gritty is this:
You wake up and ride a bike with your friend. pick up green tea and pomegranate smoothies. dip in the pool. read a bit. make your grandmother smile. almost have a heart attack driving in traffic. think of someone you like. think about kissing them. take a nap with some friends. listen to your friends podcast. serve friends your grandma's homemade soup. watch Goodbye Lenin in tangles on your basement floor. 

Try to figure out what time we are upon and where we belong.
don't think too hard about it.

I won't think too hard about 
how yesterday I had a pang for a torrent of tears.
I was watching crying on TV and remembering how deeply I sleep after a good cry.

I haven't felt that much unfiltered emotion since January 9th.

Like I said. I'm not going to think about this.

Instead I leave you with something a girl I know said recently that I firmly believe:
Go back to what gave you pleasure in childhood and do it again. 
You'll be amazed at the results. 

similar to my favorite Baudelaire quote..."Genius is childhood recaptured at will."

I'll be on a swing in a backyard somewhere, 
listening to happy music about people holding hands.



Irina Sarnetskaya said...

MMM, fanny pack.

Najy said...

Seriously Fanny.

Lucia said...

i keep doing that... going back to what gave me pleasure in childhood... it never quite works.

Najy said...

lucia! que terrible.

I guess in some senes, it's about going back to simplicity to find happiness.

Or appreciating things the way we did when we were young and the world was new.

Sorry you haven't found success in that route. not everything works for everyone!