Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rockin' The Suburbs


Editing makes such a difference.

I sometimes forget how much it helps a photo, makes the color POP- it's like finally wearing eyeliner after spending a week recovering from surgery. Editing is makeup for pictures.

Didn't make it to the county fair (sleepy friends and balmy weather) but instead hotboxed a car and saw Pineapple Express.

Listen, I am no big fan of stupid movies. I actually walked out of Superbad.
But I LOVED PINEAPPLE EXPRESS. Stoner movie done right. don't bother attending sober.

I haven't been so worked up about an ending since my friends and I were jumping on my couch screaming "Kill Him!!!" and pumping our fists at the end of Deathproof.

I love my house, people. You should see it. Big grassy backyard. wood deck for grilling and in depth conversation. Miniatures and middle eastern art all over. Grandma's apple plum stew and long grain rice in the fridge.

And my absolute favorite extra-long leather couch which I perch and nest in at all times.
Whether I'm reading a book, writing an email, or covertly flirting with the little sister of an old friend- it's all here.

I have a belly-full of laughs and strawberry-banana pancakes.
I'm going to sleep like a doll baby.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, covertly? Fuck that ;-).

Yesterday was a lot of fun, I loved the movie too, and I am super glad we saw it.

Those strawberry banana pancakes were sooo good, by the way.

P.S. I love your house too :-).

lenora jayne said...

Whoa, you best be giving me a recipe for those strawberry-banana pancakes; I am bereft of real food here in CT!

Oh, and guess what? I finally made a post! I have a real grown-up-blog now! Hooray!
( )

PS: You + Hillz? Tell me more!

Najy said...

There is no me + anybody.

We're all a bunch of flirts.
I love the word flirt.

Go to Ihop, lenora. I'm sure there's one in your suburban bumblefuck too.