Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Poem for my best friend's little sister and my ex-boyfriend's ex-fling

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write a poem about me

not about the one you love
in another state
who has forgotten about you- about me

I'm here next to you
I'll just sit and listen to the crickets conversations

I'll say I was there
when the masterpiece was written

I read your other poems by the way
you inspired me to write too
a poem on my calculator after my math exam

are you writing about me yet?

I am writing about
the Jamaican Rum Cream
the impromptou picnic
the shadows falling strategically on your face

it might be you or the pot we just smoked
but I really want to kiss you

you tell me
the rasta colors on your sweater
look like rainbows when stared at long enough

when I stare at you long enough
your face turns into

stop talking so I can finish this goddamn metaphor

you teacup of vodka half full you
blinding and beautiful as a firefly at 3 AM

kiss me
or I am going to keep writing.